Several other questions on taxes…what could they tax?

Several other questions on taxes…what could they tax?

Investor Asked on March 14, 2021 in Real Estate.
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As I said at Landrush. 1. Take away exemptions, like the residential capital gains tax exemption; or the space you claim as home office … could be declared as non-exempt; 2. Bring in a wealth tax (BC is analyzing it). Anybody that makes any money would have to share it with those who do not. Regardless of how hard you worked for it, how many years you paid for education etc. 3. Make all capital gains fully taxable … (now only 50%), or some greater portion of it. Etc.

Comment: Several people disagree with me on Canada’s upcoming election. The most prominent? John Weston, the former MP for West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country says:

“Who dares disagree with Ozzie? Well, I am sticking my neck out this time. Ozzie, you concluded the Federal Election will not happen soon. I am here to suggest Prime Minister Trudeau cannot resist the temptation to drive us to the polls by June. Why?

    • He has received unprecedented, close-up-and-personal media coverage since the pandemic.
    • He has triggered billions of dollars in COVID relief payments. Regardless of what you think of the wisdom of these payments, many recipients may return the favour with a vote.
    • His main opponent, Erin O’Toole, becomes better known each day.
    • Finally, there have been 3 provincial elections since COVID began, all of which increased the incumbent’s seat count: BC, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick. In each case, the incumbent who triggered the election increased the number of seats of his party in the legislature. As cynical as it sounds, the incumbent has great incentive to go to the polls in a crisis, and Prime Minister Trudeau is no exception.”

A: Ok, ok, I did say…none this spring…if one, it would be June. I felt he would have problems distributing the vaccine…and be too scared to run… but get ready, Weston says it is a sure thing! (Read more about John Weston? See

Guru Answered on March 14, 2021.
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