Retired and interested in buying property in Spain or Portugal

Retired and interested in buying property in Spain or Portugal (Residence  and safety emphasis rather than investment gain) Do you have any opinion whether the present is a good or bad time for this. Also, can you recommend any information sources to purchase or free, dealing with this subject. 

Investor Asked on August 30, 2022 in Real Estate.
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I wrote a lot about places to retire to in many many blogs. For golden visa plus investment I wrote about Malta, Greece, Portugal, Spain.

If you buy a certain priced real estate, all offer a program that lets you become a resident and all have an English-speaking expat base. Yes, we want a nice place – but readers tell me they wished they had:

    • Bought near an expat community


    • Researched tax situation (with money that they bring – tax on capital). As well as money they earn in the new country and money they earn outside (back home say).


    • Researched the golden Visa (Price level needed to buy at to get golden visa)


    • Understood the impact of Brexit. (British people are leaving Spain in droves- without Brexit they cannot stay.) Lose access to all European states because of Brexit.


    • How many years before getting the resident visa?


If I buy today – how many weeks must I spend in the country per year at a minimum?

Finally, how real estate is owned (must have local partner etc.?)

You need to do some research. I prefer Portugal. My wife and I spent several weeks there several times. We like the ocean so the Algarve all the way to Lagos. We found great lifestyles, ok prices, lots of English. (My signature picture is the ocean at Lisbon.) Look up Golden Visa info here.

Guru Answered on August 30, 2022.
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