Ozbuzz is way ahead of the curve.

Ozbuzz is way ahead of the curve. It hit me the other day reading Oz buzz last summer you pointed out that Evergrande was the biggest condo builder in the workd and it might be defaulting. No one else reported it till late last year. You told me to get into cash, sell my condo and that the market was crashing (I am in Toronto).
In the meantime, the Main Street was reporting increasing real estate prices the US dollar to fall, etc. It hit me then that your free newsletter is better than the paid subscriptions I had. cancelled them all. I mean look at the numbers you forecast every month. Brilliant.

Investor Asked on February 6, 2023 in Real Estate.
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Blush. Just to make sure: You are not my mother or father, right? You are very kind. I was not however the only one on Evergrande or the several others but I pointed out that China’s real estate MARKET was in trouble  and with the Chinese population massively involved in real estate this was a foreboding of things Chinese to come. Real Estate is THEEE major economic driver in China, so people losing money will have an impact how they will act,

Again, I am only – as above – reporting what I think may make a major impact eventually on real estate in NA .

As far as THE Numbers go. I have reported them faithfully for 28 years…nothing new here. I believe in reporting actual numbers very month but also compare them to

  1. The previous high in the market
  2. The last 4 years
Guru Answered on February 6, 2023.
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