On your point of what could “governments do”… They could increase down payments!

On your point of what could “governments do”… They could increase down payments! 

Investor Asked on April 18, 2021 in Real Estate.
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Indeed. Canada could:
1. Increase down payments
2. Lower amortization times (from 25 to 20 years)
3. Raise stress tests
4. Bring in capital gains tax on all real estate: Hong Kong style … sell in 1st year – tax 50%, 2nd year 35%, 3rd year 15% etc.

Rest of the world?
New Zealand: Raises down payments for investment real estate to 40%!
As of May, most buyers who plan to live in their home will be required to provide a down payment of 20 per cent. Investors will need to put down 40 per cent.

China to slow lending: Larger state banks are required to limit their outstanding property lending and mortgages to 40 percent and 32.5 percent of their total loans.

China DP on first house 25% on second house 40%. In some areas that overheated its markets…DP are as much as 60%.

Funny, yet not really: Chinese authorities crack down on ‘fake’ divorces.
Since in some areas, second homes are not allowed some Chinese fake divorces to get to buy 2 properties!

Guru Answered on April 18, 2021.
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