Ok, you are a real estate guy, what will it be: V like recovery or U?

Ok, you are a real estate guy, what will it be: V like recovery or U?

Investor Asked on May 28, 2020 in Real Estate.
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No one can answer! This is a different world. No historic precedent. Not a thing to compare it to. What took 3 years before (depression, economic crisis) now only took 2 months! Shock to our culture, our systems of operation, our world. There will be a recovery, but whether “V” or “U: or “L” or “I” … we are not going back the way we were. The issue is not whether and how we re-open our businesses but whether they will stay empty once open. Who will now buy a car, a boat, anything new? People will take whatever money they have (particularly from Government) and will retire debt or save … first – before being back to being a nice consumer … there will be no instant stimulation – no going back ‘the way we were’.
However, there will be unbelievable deals for those that actively work at it. Look for that deal of a lifetime! Ask why has Buffet 129 billion in cash. Why do the other multi billionaires?

Guru Answered on May 28, 2020.
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