mortgage payment increase?

my $12 mortgage payment increase  per $100,000 with each .25 per cent raise is incorrect.  4 increases at .25% = equal 1% per 100,000 = that’s 1,000 a year and that means its not a $48 increase but an $83 increase for every $100,000

Investor Asked on August 30, 2022 in Real Estate.
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Well, dear listener thanks for sharing, but that is true only if you pay it off in one year. With a 25-year amortization the increase in payment is approx. $48 per 1% increase per $100,000. 
However, with an average mortgage of $600,000 that comes to close to a $300 increase and if rates (like in the US) go up by 3% then that $600,000 mortgage payment increases by almost $900 even with accounting for amortization. And the $1 million mortgages? Is $1500 more per month.

Guru Answered on August 30, 2022.
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