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Q: My wife & I are looking at investing in a condo in Radium Hot Springs. As with most every where else the property values are considerably less than they were 2 to 3 years ago. What do you feel the future looks like for that area? We are looking at this property as a longer term property that we would continue to use for a number of years.

A: I am invested in Kimberley and Fernie and spend my winters there. I think from a personal lifestyle perspective it is perfect.

I do not worry about markets, I DO worry only about the deal I make…This is a perfect time to make some ‘stink bids’. New developments and resort properties are hurting and they a e willing to listen.

Don’t rush, don’t hurry…but make a lot of offers and learn these 3 words. So what, next!

If it isn’t a great deal…go to the next one.

Much success


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