Comments on bank calculators misleading.

Comments on bank calculators misleading. It is with everything nowadays…they lure you in, while knowing what you are asking for but then don’t tell it to you and drag it out and out until in frustration you quit…having given them all sorts of information about you.

Investor Asked on June 12, 2024 in Real Estate.
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That’s the secret about ‘clickbait’. YouTube Headline: “Real estate crashes in Vancouver” In colour with exclamation marks…then you watch and watch and they do not tell you anything about the headline but admonish you to keep watching for the ‘secret at the end.’ Then, when you get to the end it says…’No one really knows whether real estate in Vancouver will crash…’

Why do they do it? The longer people watch the garbage talk, the more the YouTube algorithms will think that’s what you want…and…wait for it…send you even more  gaff. You should actively dislike ‘clickbait’ items.

Guru Answered on June 12, 2024.
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