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Q: We are selling our condo in Quilchena area of Vancouver. Both my wife and I are retired and will be living off of our pensions. What would you suggest we do with the approximately $150,000 we will have left after the sale and paying off all debts? We love Palm Springs and would like to spend more time there. Should we purchase or rent down there for 3-6 months? Where is the best place for retirement in BC and do you recommend we buy again or just rent?

A: It is a good question. One that is asked often.

Unfortunately, it is 80% personal and only 20% general. I would have to know a lot more about you and your needs.

It depends whether you like skiing, boating, whether you need a major hospital nearby…
How much time you like to spend in the US every year? … etc.etc.

Listen to Michael Campbell this morning where we discuss US investment:

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  • dakil March 18, 2012

    If you already like the area. Less than $75k could buy you an excellent condo on a golf course. In your age group you can rent it out while away.


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