I am a civil engineer who graduated less than a year ago, I have a 2 years internship with the government as a bridge engineer intern. me and my fiance are planning on buying a house, we have got the pre-approval for more than the amount that we are buying but im afraid that we won’t qualify for CMHC since my position is a 2 years internship. there is a good chance that I do get a premanent position ( i was told during my interview that 98% of the interns do get a permanent position even before their internship is over).

Does anyone know anything about this or have had a similar experience?!!



Hi Marissa,

Internships are tricky because you are not 100% guaranteed a position afterwards. Banks will always think of the worst-case scenario, which would be that you could be out of work with no severance package in 2 years.

Usually what we do for clients in your position is see if parents may be able to co-sign for the mortgage (ideally without them needing to be on title). Then, when you are offered a permanent position you can contact the bank and have them removed from the mortgage as you would now have the income to carry the payments yourself.

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me at 778-373-5441 if you have any further questions.