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Bait and switch

Q: I read your article on Beauty of Pre-sales – where it says to take a picture of the show suite. But if anything is different after the actual condo has been built, does a purchaser have any recourse to challenge the sales team for misrepresentation? I have been told that there is a clause in the disclosure statement that absolves them from anything that the sales centre shows as to how the finished product will look like – the clause ‘all sales brochures, models….do not form part of the contract’. Is this true?

A: I do not know what contract you signed.

I certainly would add a clause that the materials used and standards of excellence presented in the show suite must be also present in the finished suite. Isn’t that why you are buying?

Have you lawyer word it appropriately.

Why would they use different materials in the show suite and then change it? And if so, better to know up front.

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